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Manual Satellite Dish with Digital Finder equipped with electronic Inclinometer

VOYAGER DIGIMATIC has been specially designed and built by Teleco to make manual searching of digital satellites easier for the user in just a few, quick and simple operations.

Currently, the biggest difficulty in manually locating a satellite broadcasting digital TV signals, is linked with the fact that digital signals are displayed on TV screens with a certain delay.

Therefore the user is forced to carry out pointing in very slow movements to prevent the risks of going past the required satellite without finding it.

To solve this problem - shared by thousands of camper users - Teleco has applied the most advanced technologies in developing its new VOYAGER DIGIMATIC with DSF80/E Digital Finder, an electronic elevation meter displaying the absolute dish angle even when the vehicle is not level.

DSF 80/E is a device specially designed and built for all those users who wish to be able to quickly locate their required DIGITAL satellite with a manual dish system, avoiding all the "delay" issues connected with digital broadcasting.

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