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VolksWagen Amarok

Full Rear 2C Air Suspension

Volkswagen Amarok Rear Air Suspension

The Volkswagen Amarok can be fully fitted with Rear Full VB Air Suspension.

The system comes complete with an electronic control unit Called VB-ASCU.  This automatically monitors, controls and corrects the vehicles ride height.  This is unaffected by the load being transported so ensures safer vehicle handling and increases comfort at all times.

The Entry/loading platform height can also be raised and lowered when the vehicle is at at standstill at the touch of a button.  This allows passengers to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle and goods to be safely loaded and unloaded.

Benefits of VB-FullAir

  • Constant Ride Height
  • Increased Comfort
  • Better Driveability
  • Passenger Comfort
  • Kneeling function for passenger access or goods loading
  • Better protection for fragile/delicate goods
  • Less wear of tyres/brakes


Full Air is the pinnacle of VB's product range and works really well on the Mercedes Vito, whether its to help passengers enter the vehicle or to help load goods, the joy of riding on air will soon sink in as you drive away from our workshop.

No more cringing on the approach to iron works or pot holes, you can simply concentrate on driving the vehicle and enjoying the ride.

At one of the shows a customer once asked 'what is the air suspension like' almost instantly another customer on the stand shouted 'its like driving a large vehicle that has been shrunk'.  What they mean is that although it will never be the size of a car; it makes the vehicle handle/corner/brake more like a smaller vehicle.  Its stuck with us and i think can start someone on the road to thinking what their vehicle may be like.






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